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Don't tell me what a man says or what a man knows... tell me where he has traveled, for travel brings wisdom”.   Anthony Bourdain
By taking the student out of the classroom and into the world we educate the whole child! We explore the real world and stimulate all of the child’s senses!
We are The Lit Bus, a non-profit, privately funded organization designed as a supplement to education that will afford students more cognitive experiences designed to impact and enhance not only students futures but present academic performance. The program takes students to venues such as The State Capitol, The Alamo, McDonald Observatory, and various industrial and business sites and or projects to name just a few. Our aim is to inspire students to look into their future with hope and anticipation of a fulfilling life and a career fueled by education and knowledge to give them a vehicle with which to be successful. In addition we know that cognitive experience is one of the main factors for success in school by enabling individuals to connect to the world around them. Our cognitive experiences are the sum of who we are and the experiences to come determine who we will be.
A renaissance of academic activity.
Helping students explore their world.
Helping schools achieve their goals.

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