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Lighthouse Rock Palo Duro Canyon
Lighthouse Rock Palo Duro Canyon
Texas leads the nation in wind generated electrical installations
Texas leads the nation in wind generated electrical  installations
The Big Bend
The Big Bend
Bluebonnet fields in the Hill Country of Texas
Bluebonnet fields in the Hill Country of Texas
“Don’t tell me what a man says or what a man knows…tell me where he has traveled, for travel brings wisdom”.   Anthony Bourdain
How the LIT Bus will help students Cognitive experiences
The events experienced in a persons life can be directly connected to higher student achievement and success. We are the culmination of our past experiences and our future experiences will shape who and what we become.

What you can do for the LIT Bus
We plan for The LIT Bus to be totally funded and supported by private dollars to enable us to help public education where and how it needs to be helped and with a minimum of bureaucracy slowing the process down. The local schools will maintain total control of who gets to use the service as they will know better than anyone about their students needs.

Planned Giving: Measures to help support The LitBus Now and Tomorrow:

NOTE: Charitable giving can be deducted from your tax return. To learn more, please speak with your financial advisor and tax consultant.

For Today For Now!
Any monetary donation of any dollar amount will help The LitBus. Either one-time-donations; monthly, quarterly, semi-annually, and/or annual donations made either by cash, check, or automatic payment from a checking account. If you would like to make donations automatically through a checking account, please check the box below and we will send you the confidential paperwork for the automatic bank draft.

For Tomorrow!
Gift of any Hard Asset (e.g. Cash, Real Estate, Oil Properties, Lease Acreage, Coin Collections, Jewelry, Appraised Artwork.

Testamentary Bequests – Gifting via will.
A donor can name The LitBus as a beneficiary of their estate as a fixed percentage, or a fixed amount, or a defined asset—requires a necessary discussion with their estate planner.

Gifting of Long-Term Low-Cost Basis Stock
For example member John Doe has 1000 shares of Exxon Mobile. He can gift The LitBus the stock, and he can deduct the full-value of the current stock value. Furthermore, a donor can also gift just their stock’s income (dividends) stream to The LitBus.

Retirement Plans
The donor with an IRA of any type can designate The LitBus as either a Primary beneficiary or Contingent beneficiary. Required Minimum Distribution-RMD or MRD —if the donor is past the age of 70 ½ and is required to take a percentage from their IRA the donor can designate a charity as the recipient. The distribution to the charity can not exceed $100,000.00 per person (as per tax identification number); furthermore, the distribution is Tax-Free. To facilitate this option please see a tax and financial professional to confirm the most recent tax code.

Life Insurance
The donor can purchase a life insurance policy on their life and name The LitBus as owner and beneficiary, or the donor can just designate The LitBus as a beneficiary; designation of Survivor Beneficiary which can be used as a conglomerate with other charities (e.g. John Doe’s Life Insurance policy has a Survivor’s Beneficiary as The LitBus along with 4 other charitable organizations.)

The following are additional, more sophisticated options:
Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) Transfer cash or asset to CRT; while CRT owns assets, it pays out income to donor; at the end of the Trust term, asset transfers to The LitBus. Charitable Lead Trust (CLT) Transfer cash or asset to CLT; Trust pays income to The LitBus; at end of term, asset transfers back to donor.

All donations to Learning In Transit, The LIT Bus in the form of bequests, devises, transfers or gifts are tax deductible under section 170 of the Internal Revenue code as we are a 501 (c) (3) non-profit organization. For additional planned giving, contact

Learning In Transit, The LITBUS, Inc.
l700 Holloway Midland, Texas 79701

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