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“Don’t tell me what a man says or what a man knows…tell me where he has traveled, for travel brings wisdom”.   Anthony Bourdain
What the LIT Bus will do for your child
In one word we will sum up what the LIT Bus will do for your child, Excitement! Excitement about going to school today, Excitement about what they will do today, Excitement about their future and ultimately Excitement about learning. While the constraints of time and money put limits on all families from all walks of life, the LIT Bus offers your child an opportunity to experience more than "just going to school today." It is a way to stimulate your child’s interest in the world around them to shape their future and help them to explore their favorite question, "why?".

Why the LIT Bus works.
The LIT Bus addresses each students cognitive and affective development. The real life lessons will address students’ multiple intelligences.

What the LIT Bus will do for you.

Ease up the pressure to do more for your child in an academic sense because of the challenge of time and money. The LIT Bus is a free service to students, parents, and schools and you will have the assurance that your child will be with a familiar face, a teacher from their grade level.

What the LIT Bus suggests from the media,
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