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The LITBUS makes learning fun!
Dome of Texas State Capital
Inside the dome of the Texas State Capitol
“Don’t tell me what a man says or what a man knows…tell me where he has traveled, for travel brings wisdom”.   Anthony Bourdain
What the LIT Bus will do for you
The LIT Bus will be like a magic school bus ride taking you to an actual real life adventure. You will understand more of what your teacher and other adults around you are talking about and be able to better understand the world around you. You will be more inspired to explore the world for yourself by reading and asking meaningful questions and by being more aware of your surroundings.

What you will do on the LIT Bus.
You will still be in school doing all the things you do in class but you will be going on an adventure to see sights you may not have known existed. This is your school on wheels. The average person rarely travels more than 25 miles radius from their home and the LIT Bus will increase this number twelve fold for you. You will see points of interest along the way as well as learning more about your surroundings as you head for your destination. You will be learning as you have fun, rolling down the road with your friends doing all the things you would normally do in school. You will probably eat at least twice and maybe even three times on the bus as well as snack breaks. We will not have time to stop and eat at restaurants. The bus will be a motor coach, what many of you call a charter bus, and it will be equipped with a bathroom and be accessible for those with disabilities. Recess? Okay you got us there, we can’t do recess on a bus but we will have breaks where we play games and visit and since you will be going on an adventure you will have lots to talk about.

Where the LIT Bus goes.
These are just a few examples or places the LITBUS will go. The Alamo, Texas Capitol, McDonald Observatory, AWEA Wind Farms, McKittrick Canyon , Caverns of Sonora, and The Museum of Nature and Science
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